The "Arts-in-School Partnership Scheme" aims to foster the collaboration between local arts groups and schools, promote better use of school premises as arts space and bring arts into the school community, enhancing arts education and promotion in schools.

Art-in-School Partnership Scheme



Kowloon Tong School was founded in 1936 by Mr. Wong Chak Nam, and is a non-profit private primary school with an aim of "fostering elites". In order for students to receive a balanced education in the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic domains, school offers a diverse education of a high quality, including gifted child education, education in self-confidence, and health education, which enable an eagerness to improve students to enjoy learning, so that they can grow and develop and contribute to our society in the future. KTS founded the school orchestra and percussion band in 2006 and 2009, respectively. In 2014, KTS established a music department to manage all music courses independently and facilitate the integration of its music department and all music courses offered. KTS's eight music teams, including junior and senior choirs, wind orchestra, string orchestra and percussion band, have participated in various local and world competitions and have received numerous awards.

Pre-TICA Concert

(with KTS Junior String Orchestra and 

KTS Percussion Orchestra)


12:50 - 13:20

Art-in-School Concert

(with KTS Electric Music Creating Class)


12:50 - 13:20