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Toolbox Percussion Synergistic Scheme

Anti-epidemic Micro Creative Fund 2.0

The outbreak of COVID-19 has put a halt to the arts and cultural events, decimating every aspect of musicians’ lives. As a creative incubator, Toolbox Percussion stands solidarity with the industry and has been restlessly creating online content to anchor new quotidian normality with percussive sounds.


The “Toolbox Percussion Synergistic Scheme” is designed for professionals working in and around percussive arts, providing up to 10 micro funds of HKD$6,000 to encourage musicians carry out work amid virus hit. Successful applicants will be awarded fund for their proposed micro projects. The micro fund supports projects of professional development purposes, including, but not limited to, professional development, creation, research, teachings, gear purchase and self-initiated online or offline learnings.

Applicant should be:

  • Based in Hong Kong

  • Individual artist or chamber music ensemble or creative unit working in and around percussive arts

  • Having NO full-time employment in any music organisations / orchestras / ensembles

  • Collaborated with Toolbox Percussion less than three times in total

Point to Note

  • All eligible applications will be considered, we particularly welcome those who have not worked with Toolbox Percussion in the last season.

  • Applications from individual percussionists / composers / sound artist is welcomed, with special preference for those who has graduated in the past 3 years

  • All projects of professional development, creation, research, teachings, gear upgrades and self-initiated learnings will be considered.

  • The assessment and disbursement of micro subsidy will be processed in one month’s time.

  • All applications approved should be carried out within 3 months after granted the fund.

  • Only online application is accepted.


Submission of Application

Applicants should complete the Google Form and file a short project description (within 100 words) of the use of micro fund. The application will be closed on 3 April, 2022. For inquiries, please contact us via email at

Online Application Form:

Reference Link:

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