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Toolbox Performing Platform -
Duet Lunch Time Concert


About the Programme

Crossroads - Ivan Trevino 

 ‘Crossroads’ is a marimba and cajón duet composed by Ivan Trevino in 2019, dedicated to Bryce Turner. The piece features a unison complex rhythm from both players that results in a tight and groovy feeling. The cajón player is asked to play the deskbells simultaneously with feet. The title ‘Crossroads’ echoes the nickname of a small town in South Texas, where Ivan and Bryce were born. 

Hold Fast - Ivan Trevino

Composed in 2014, Hold Fast is a challenging work by Ivan Trevino, commissioned by a consortium of 28 percussionists and colleges around the U.S.It is a drum set and vibraphone duet that requires good timekeeping skills from both players.

Tango Suite - Astor Piazzolla, arr. Kevin Super 

Astor Piazzolla is one of the most important composers in tango music. Born in Argentina,  1921, he composed classic works like Libertango, Histoire du Tango and Oblivion that are performed throughout the world.  Tango Suite was originally composed for 2 classical guitars in 1985. It consists of three contrasting movements, featuring beautiful melodies with a strong sense of tango rhythm.

Song and Dance  - Gene Koshinski

This piece has two movements in total. The first movement ‘Song of the Metals’ features the sound of the Kalimba, accompanied by glockenspiel, shaker, and djembe. It is joined by the pre-recorded bird sounds that create a background of nature sounds. 

The second movement is called “Dance of the drums”. It is a percussive, rhythmic and energetic piece. The sound of the drums and claves create the exiting grooves throughout the movement.

Performing Artists

錨點 1

Vertex Percussion Duo


Lauren Yuen


Alvin Chan

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