P for Percussion

P is for Percussion! family concert was hosted by HKAF with a wide range of family-friendly activities, including the interactive percussion exhibition, foyer performances, and thumbiano and musical bottle workshops! Local musicians from Toolbox Percussion and upcycling product designer Kevin Cheung created a new music instrument and explored the infinite possibilities. 

“Creative+ Arts Camp” was a programme for student from Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme. Toolbox Percussion guided the art ambassadors to observe and discover the sound and pulse in everyday objects.

Creative+ Arts Camp



Sound Art Workshop

A Symphony of Everyday Objects 

Guided by Toolbox Percussion artists, little percussionists learnt about how we turn quotidian materials to percussive gizmos and toy with them. The workshop also engaged kids and their families for an amazing work-in-progress showcase at K11 Musea.


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