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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Toolbox Percussion is devoted to the promotion and production of contemporary percussive arts in Hong Kong. Toolbox Percussion’s vision is trifold: to create cutting-edge and innovative programmes that challenge local artists; to tour and collaborate with musicians in the Asia-Pacific Region to enhance cultural exchange; and to develop outreach and professional educational activities.


Curate cutting-edge arts programme

The ubiquitous nature of percussive sounds and music has us believe: Percussion should not be only limited within the concert hall. We see the challenge of separations between different genres and ethics sounds. We hope to bridge classical works with new commission works by merging the highest artistry standard and original ideas while continuing to expand and contribute to the new 21st Century masterworks of the global percussion repertoire.


Education programme to the public & professionals

Toolbox Artspace, our brick-and-mortar art space, will also serve as administrative headquarter and creative building and rehearsal space. Public could learn more about the variety of percussive arts through hands-on workshop or group activities. We curate a series of smaller-scale programmes and masterclasses for professional development by inviting percussionists who are themselves artists from international touring orchestra or ensemble, enabling sharing and learning between world-class veterans and local musicians.

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Tour & collaboration with neighbouring cities

Globalisation of the arts and concerns brought about the identity of Hong Kong Cultural Identity, Toolbox Percussion is devoted to build a team of musicians who could represent Hong Kong on the world stage with percussive arts, so as to serve as the Cultural Ambassador of the city of Hong Kong by exporting quality programme to the region.



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