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Symphony for Asia -

Asia Culture Centre (Gwangju)

Toolbox Percussion brought two works - “Urban Construction” by Dr. Austin Yip and “Round” by Dr. Fung Lam to Asian Culture Centre in Gwangju, South Korea. Having the context of artistically sublimating the significance of the Democratic Movement, the Asia Culture Center now serves as a cultural and arts-affiliated institution established for exhibition, exchange performance, education and research etc.


“Rounds” is one of Toolbox Percussion’s Mahjong series, which uses stones from the famous tile-based game, turning the sound of these knick-knacks to virtuosic piece of agility and timbral vitality.


Inspired by Franz Kafka’s “On the Tram”, “Urban Construction” sings about the helplessness experienced by people living busy lives in cities. The piece depicts despair of urbanites who are void of voices.

Artist Line-up: Louis Siu, Lei-lei Hoi, Brian Chan, Ivan Wan, Jacky Lam


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