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Education Programme

Toolbox Percussion & SR9: Performance lecture series

HD 4 - TRIO SR9.jpg

Toolbox Percussion, percussive arts purveyor from Hong Kong, will collaborate with French top-notch percussion group SR9 to make music rencontre with marimba repertoire possible digitally! SR9 will perform the classic French repertoire of Ravel and showcase the contemporary techniques, while Toolbox will give a lecture as a guide to dissecting and appreciating selected programmes. This online series no doubt is a perfect introduction for any persons interested in marimbas and contemporary percussion music.

1. Percussion in French repertoire
2. Contemporary percussion features

Maurice Ravel – Gaspard de la nuit « Scarbo » transcribed for 3 marimbas
Gabriel Fauré – A Mélodi transcribed for 3 marimbas and voice
Daniel Arangoc- Prada: Prisme for 3 prepared marimba

Target audience: open public

*This series will be broadcasted online, please stay tuned for announcements.


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