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Toolbox International Creative Academy (TICA)


The Academy

Toolbox International Creative Academy (TICA) is a Toolbox Percussion Flagship Educational Programme. Through exchanges and connections to the folks of the larger international community in the week-long festival, we stimulate artists intellectual visions and creativity, incubate professionalism in furtherance of creating a greater impact on the art scene of Hong Kong. TICA recruit 30 percussionists, string practising musicians and composers worldwide to take part in a full list of concerts, lectures, panel discussion, workshops with top TICA lecturers and artists, to explore innovative performance techniques on strings and percussion.

The Competition

Toolbox Percussion International Composition Competition (TPICC) as a part of the Toolbox International Creative Academy (TICA). TPICC is an annual competition for emerging composers across the globe who share our vision to create percussive arts practices with creativity, originality and potentials.


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