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The bronze age culture that existed in present-day United Arab Emirates is called Umm al-Nar, which translates to "Mother of Fire," the inspiration for the title of my piece. Visiting Abu Dhabi, what inspired me most was Jean Nouvel's design for the Abu Dhabi Louvre - a contemporary structure, facilitated by computer software, inspired by traditional Arab architecture in its complex and abstract patterning, yielding beautiful effects of light and shadow. These are the things that I am trying to translate into my piece.


阿拉伯聯合酋長國的青銅時代文化被稱為 Umm al-Nar,意思是「火之母」,也是作品標題的靈感由來。當我到訪阿布扎比時,最讓我受啟發的是讓努維爾為阿布扎比盧浮宮設計的現代建築。建築是由電腦軟件驅動,受了阿拉伯傳統建築複雜抽像圖案的啟發,造出了美麗的光影效果。 這些都是我希望在作品呈現的東西。

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