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Steve Reich - Clapping Music (1972)

Clapping Music is a renowned piece written by the minimal music maestro Steve Reich. Two performers perform the song by clapping a rhythmic pattern. But one of the performers will change the rhythm every 12 bars, resulting in differentiation of rhythm as the piece progresses. Reich's inspiration came from his ensemble concert tour in Europe. After the concert in Brussels, Reich and his ensemble watched a flamenco music show. Reich’s ensemble clapped all along while listening to the show, which inspired Reich to compose a piece about clapping.

史提夫.萊許 《擊掌音樂》(1972)


《擊掌音樂》是極簡主義大師 史提夫.萊許的著名作品,全曲由兩位樂手以拍手演繹一個固定的節奏,但其中一位樂手每演奏十二個小節,便會改變拍手節奏,做成節奏上的交錯,隨著樂曲推進而產生不同的節奏效果。 樂曲的靈感來自於萊許與他的樂團在歐洲巡迴演出時的一次經歷,萊許在布魯塞爾的一次演出後與樂團去觀看一場法蘭明歌的表演,當中的強勁節奏讓萊許的樂手忍不住一同拍手,這個場景啟發了萊許創作一首以拍手為題的樂曲。

Steve Reich - Nagoya Marimbas (1994)

Nagoya Marimbas was commissioned by Nagoya Music University to mark the opening of their new Shirakawa Hall in 1994. Reich incorporated compositional techniques such as displacement, variation, and canon in the repetitive phases performed by two marimbas, creating harmony and dissonance in the process, resulting in a piece of complicated but melodic music.

史提夫.萊許 《名古屋馬林巴》(1994)


《名古屋馬林巴》於 1994 年由名古屋音樂學院委託創作,以紀念白川廳的開幕。萊許用兩部馬林巴琴演繹重複的樂句,利用錯位、變奏、卡農等技巧,使兩部馬林巴琴的聲音相生相剋,誕出變幻而複雜、卻相當具有旋律性的音樂。

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