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Mouvement 2.0 

A hodgepodge of percussive sounds x Handwritten calligraphy x Videography

Toolbox Percussion Mouvement, a music feast reciting works by Franz Kafka, choreography and interspersing with percussion pieces, premiered to great acclaim in 2017 and runned on tours to Singapore and Gwangju, South Korea. This tour will bring the works by Hong Kong composers Kung Chi Shing, Joyce Tang, Austin Yip and Alain Chiu, while Artistic Director Louis Siu led core members to create a fretwork of refined visionary and acoustic re-run. By blending vocabulary of music videography, calligraphy and percussion repertoires, this tour truly coalesced into another excursion to anchor past aesthetic attempts of Toolbox Percussion.

Artist Line-up: Jack Van Geem, Louis Siu, Lei-lei Hoi, Ivan Wanm Nigel Ng, Brian Chan, Jacky Lam, Jimmy Chan*, Jiayi Sun*

* With kind permission of San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Exhibition: A Double Listen

"No Piece of music is fully comprehended on one listen."

Works of Toolbox Percussion is showcased in this exhibition, hosted by Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, for the first time in the United States. 

The mechanisms of creating percussive sound are so versatile that musicians or composers are far from fully exploring them. The exhibition titled “A double listen”, serving as a dossier, features many of these past aesthetic attempts from performances in a theatre setting: Lam Fung’s “Round” (2016), Austin Yip’s "Urban Construction” (2017), Ken Ueno’s “Mother of Fire” (2018) and Samson Young’s “Glass Chimes” (2019). These multiple endeavours, encompassing traits of quotidian pastime, literariness, metallurgy and engineering, were yet to be wholly unraveled if it is performed and perceived just once. Annotated with decorative embellishment, this exhibition avails one ineluctable gaze, or we phrase it “a second listen”, to anchor all the interconnecting knots in between seemingly separate pieces.


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